• Silent Karaoke

    Credit to the author Go Silent Disco

    Karaoke has been a part of Japan’s culture and immediately became popular to other countries. It gives a chance to people who love singing their heart out whether it’s rock, ballad or hip hop. However, not everyone is fortunate enough to have a good singing voice and this may be hard to handle by a typical listener. It is definitely entertaining but sometimes be inconvenient to others especially when it reverberate outside and bother the neighbours. In the previous post about the different RF wireless headphone applications; this could also be used to solve our karaoke problem.

    What you will need for a silent karaoke:

    Karaoke Machine
    RF Wireless Headphones/ Silent Events Headphones
    Connecting Cable

    1. Let’s say we will be using a karaoke disk system with a wired microphone that will be connected to the TV. Use the cable to run the karaoke system to the TV and should come out of a “line out” from the karaoke system.

    2. Connect the output cable of the karaoke system to the mixer. Plug in the microphone to the mixer too. Connect the output cable of the mixer to the transmitter.

    3. Plug in the power supply to the system and switch on the wireless headphones.

    Once you start singing, the sound and your voice will be broadcast on the wireless headphones so only those who are wearing it will be able to hear you. Now you can have your own silent karaoke anytime.

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