• Silent Theatre

    Credit to the author Go Silent Disco

    No, we aren’t talking about movies without any sound from the early days of cinema. Wireless headphones are a great way to enjoy any movie. All you need is a big screen, a movie and headphones to provide a new and unique approach to watching movies. There is no need to blast the audio to appease the audience during a quiet, pivotal point in a film. The surrounding atmosphere of giggling teenagers and obnoxious laughing is drowned out by your own individual halo of sound. What else? The systems afford two audio inputs for two channel options on each headset. This allows the event to show two simultaneous films without the concern of one disrupting the other. Appealing to two movie tastes, improving broadcasted sound quality across a space, and removing outside disruption seem to motivate repeat customers to keep turning to the RF technology.

    In 2013, the Cambridge Festival brought silent cinema to the viewers of the movies – The Life of Pi and the Moo Man which were shown at the same time so that viewers could choose what movie they like to watch.

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