• Tangran Events Headphones
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    Tangram Rave – Silent Events Headphones

    The Tangram Rave – Silent Events Headphones is now in the Philippines! It’s available in 2 and 3 channel configuration that could be folded for easy storage. Different color lights are on both sides of the headphones to indicate channel selection with detailed analytical sound reproduction with strong bass response. 

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    Product Description

    * Available in 2 or 3 channels
    * Open wireless RF stereo headphone system
    *LED illumination to indicate channel selection
    * Foldable design for easy storage 
    * Slide switch for channels selection 
    * Personal volume control on each headphone 
    * Soft ear pad muffs for comfort 
    * Wireless reception through walls and ceilings 
    * Volume and independent channel selector conveniently located on the headphone 
    * Built-in rechargeable Lithium-Polymer battery(included)








     Channel option

     2 or 3 channels

     Signal-to-noise ratio





     40mm mylar

     Frequency response


     Channel separation


     Operation time

    8- 10 hours Fully charged

     Power supply