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    How It Works

    Credit to the author Go Silent Disco

    Hosting a silent event is very easy. All you need are enough pairs of wireless headphones for all attendees and a transmitter to stream your audio. The system is user-friendly and can be operated by anyone. Any kind of audio player such as iPods, laptops, DJ mixers or smart phones can easily be connected to the transmitter.

    Tangram Silent Events headphones have rechargeable lipolymer batteries. They usually last 8-10 hours depending on the volume level set.

    One of silent event’s amazing features is that you can choose between two channels depending on the requirement of your event.

    Once you figured out which transmitter to use, just plug it into a standard outlet and connect your audio source. “Audio Input A” is Channel 1 and “Audio Input B’ is Channel 2. You can plug in two sources at the same time and offer choice of music to the audience.

    Switch on your headphones by clicking the power button until the light comes on and adjust the volume control on the level you’re comfortable at. In switching from one channel to another, simply press the power button and an LED will light up indicating what channel you’re tuned in. Blue light indicates Channel 1 and green light for Channel 2.

    Ensure that both audio sources are plugged in and the transmitter is functioning properly for the channel switching to work. That’s it! Time to party.

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